#25 – June 2020 News

A sunny hello from the team at Oscar.

We hope this finds everyone safe and well and we send our best to you and yours.

I’m sure all have welcomed the recent tentative steps towards a return to that conceptually elusive “normal”; primarily at least because it reflects an improvement on the effects of C-19 across the board.

Many of you – us included – will still be holed up in your home bunkers, awaiting – or not as may be the case – the return to the joyous commutes, school runs, meetings and general toing and froing that accompanies the conventional paradigm alluded to above. For our part, we have been busily getting on with our research activities and completing the gestation of a lovely shiny new thing – more on that later.

So, preamble over, here’s the usual array of things that we hope are interesting, useful or just something to pass the time in between the next coffee and the children knocking on the office door (though that might just be me!?)


Much to say about the NHS (in England at least). The CCG and NHS Trust changes mentioned in the last newsletter have all been completed, so well worth subscribers taking updates for these. As promised, we have summarised the organisational changes for you and the details can be seen below:

CCG Changes

NHS Trust Changes

We are currently working on the expansion of coverage and depth across STP’s and ICS’s, as well as completing the research across Primary Care Networks (PCN’s). More specific details on the database changes in the next edition, but see the ‘Interesting’ section below for our new NHS report.

Our focus on Education research continues, with a lot of work done around Multi Academy Trusts and the linked Schools. We have also been working on streamlining the organisation types across Further and Higher Education. As with the health data (and in the related words of a former prime minister) Update, Update, Update.

Research continues as normal across Government, Housing and Social Care. The postponing of local elections has given our research team more time to focus on all sides of Government and all Councils are being updated as per ‘non election’ organisations this year.


Surf Your Turf (SYT)

We have made our SYT platform live in the past few days. I could try and describe the wonder of geographical, demographic, organisational and structural data that it is, but instead, please just have a play here.

If you’d like to receive the ‘onepager’, or book a demonstration of the premium features, please just get in touch.


We have taken a look at the current landscape across the NHS in England, specifically the changes across CCG’s connected with the continued implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan and the creation of Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s) broadly taking the place of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP’s) across the original 44 NHS footprint areas. We have also linked the latest individual CCG’s to the current Footprints and ICS/STP’s

The full report with 4 appendixes can be seen here


To continue the – well received – theme from the last newsletter, we wanted to share some more positive stories with you from this end:

We have begun working on a number of ‘pro bono’ projects with partner research organisations to gather, understand and share the effects of C-19 across the various areas of Government, Education and Healthcare. These are currently on-going, but we will be sharing the results with the subject organisations, the media and you in due course, with the ultimate aim of helping policy makers provide the support required across our Public Services.

Working with VIQU, a Birmingham-based IT recruiter, we have been able to help save NHS Trusts approximately £1m pounds. VIQU used the services of Oscar to investigate and deliver names and contact details for CEOs and CIOs or IT directors for every trust across the UK, Collingwood told Recruiter. “Between the team and I,” Collingwood (VIQU MD) said, “we reached out to over 2,000 people over a week-and-a-half to offer our pledge”, to deliver volunteers with no accompanying fee, he said. So far over 200 posts have been filled. You can see the full article here

Finally, our PSN website and monthly newsletter remains open at no cost to publish and promote any news and support services or projects that would help those working across all areas of UK Public Services.

That just about does it for this time and if there are any ruminations on that slippery “normal” concept, do share.

Until August, Stay Aware, Safe and Well.

James and all at Oscar.

0845 226 3044

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