#26 – August 2020 News

Greetings to one and all.

I hope this finds you safe, well and cool!

At the time of writing, the mercury has reached a dizzying (by UK standards) 32 degrees down here on the English Riviera, resulting in two small issues. 1: The annual dilemma of whether to purchase an air con unit for the circa 48 hours a year of heat and 2: Where does one park when you live in a town that is currently being visited by the rest of the country during that relatively narrow window otherwise known as the summer holidays. Exacerbated at present of course due to that new entry in the contemporary lexicon; “staycations”

I digress, though if any of you have not yet visited torbay, you may like to see the balance of your fellow country people here courtesy of our webcam

In seriousness, it’s good to see the world moving again and anecdotally at least based on some of the conversations we’re having, the commercial wheels seem to have started turning again. We can but hope it is to set to continue and ultimately to be to the benefit of all.

On to Oscar and Public Sector related matters:


We have recently implemented a number of new checks and balances via some new streams of regulatory data we are pulling into the Oscar system. These will further improve the data integrity, structure and coverage of high organisation volume datasets – in particular Schools, GP Surgeries and Care Homes. Those savvy people with current subscriptions to any (or all) of these should look to take regular updates as often as practical.

Related to which, we will be including in the next edition of this missive some new information about a number of data, update and workflow automation options we can help all data customers with. If this is of interest meantime, do get in touch – we’re never opposed to a good chat about data feeds, API’s or anything else that improves quality, experience and saves time!

The NHS updating continues and we now have a new organisation type covering Sustainable Transformation Partnerships/Integrated Care Systems (‘ICS/STP’)’ and the coverage of key post holders across these is increasing as we go. In addition, the coverage of Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Directors (invariably GP’s) has increased considerably over the past few months and now stands at over 800. Related to GP Surgeries, we have also now taken the decision to start recording the branch and other surgery sites against each GP Practice. This will enable users to both identify all Surgeries run by each Practice and better reflects the continued merging of Practices into ‘Groups’.

Our Central and Local Government Research Teams have had a busy summer, continuing with the general updates across Departments, Agencies and Councils and attempting to keep up with the inevitable increase in changes that have occurred since the Spring.

As ever, for any specific queries, support or anything we can do to help support you, just shout.


Our lovely friends at eShot (the email platform and marketing automation service we use and partner with) have very kindly put together a specific offer for Oscar data customers. So, if you’re looking for a new email platform, want to supercharge and automate your electronic marketing, or are just generally curious, please have a look here

The offer remains open until September 30th this year.


Our SYT platform continues to develop, if you haven’t already have a quick play. Just enter your postcode here and see what we can tell you about your location.

If you haven’t done so already, we cannot but recommend activating your PSN Supplier Subscription – the subscription is free and can be found at the top of your Oscar Customer Area (the page you see after logging in). The benefits include a profile of your organisation within our Supplier Directory and a feed of Public Tenders linked to your specific area of activity, these are also conveniently summarised for you in a weekly round-up email. An overview of the subscription can be seen here.

That about does it for August and we’ll be back again in the Autumn with some news about data automation, a chunk of new additions to SYT and some new research services that are all currently in the works.

Until then, stay safe and well.

James and all at Oscar

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