#27 – October 2020 News

Autumnal Greetings from the South Coast.

I hope this finds everyone safe and well and all are managing with the varying degrees of freedom to at least a satisfactory level.

For the purposes of balance we can report that following the last newsletter written under the glare of the mid-summer sun; the English Riviera is now cold, wet and generally conditions are conforming to the typical seasonal zeitgeist. The staycationers, day trippers and all other visiting folks have returned from whence they came, leaving nothing behind but for the incongruous collections of large cruise ships that are currently moored along the coastline. A reminder, if it were needed, that things have some way to go before normalcy is resumed.

With all that said, on to all things Oscar:


The NHS (one of our favourite topics for the update section it would seem) continues to evolve. The start of this month saw a significant merger between Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and we note a number of forthcoming CCG mergers that will be reflected in the database as they happen. Beyond which, the ever changing primary care landscape is worthy of note with the ongoing merger of GP Practices and rationalisation of Surgeries. As ever, those with access to this data should be taking regular updates to ensure accuracy.

Local Government updates continue as normal, with a few noteworthy changes, including those of Leadership, both on the Executive and Elected side. Most recently (at the time of writing) Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council have elected a new leader. There are also going to be some big changes to Local Government in Northamptonshire next April, with the current County Council and 7 District being replaced by two new Unitary Councils – continuing the established theme across England of replacing two tiers with a single tier of Local Government.

The result of the database, including all other areas of Healthcare, Education and Housing are being worked on. Notably on Housing there is some news to report in due course on the linking of Housing Stock owned/managed by RSL’s/PRP’s to Council areas.

As a new feature to be included in every newsletter, we’re going to show the level of changes and updates across all areas of the database since the previous newsletter – partly to show off and partly to encourage regular updates across our subscriber base.

To that end, the analysis of changes since 1st of August 2020 is as follows:


To quote Mr Disraeli (and no, not the one about Lies and Statistics – however true that may be), there can be no happiness without action, or in our world; Development. There are a number of new things in the pipeline which I’m looking forward to sharing across the next few newsletters. For this installment, and as mentioned in the August edition, we have put together some guides and generally attempted to centralise information about how (best) to access, consume and update Oscar data (assuming you work for one of those well informed companies out there that have a current subscription of course – if not, what are you waiting for!?).

So, for Data/Workflow options and also to see our guides to ‘automagically’ feeding Oscar data into either Google Sheets or Excel, please have a look here

In addition, we also now have a number of additional optional fields that can be added to customers subscriptions. For a full list, please see here – it’s worth noting these have not been added to the standard downloadable fields, so as not to ‘upset’ all the current automatic importing processes clients have in place.

Stand-out additions (for us anyway) are:

Local Government – Housing Stock
(Shows the number of Units/Houses Owned or Managed by the Organisation)

(Banded values showing the official legal status of each organisation. Values include: Public Bodies, Companies and Charities)

(Modelled employee banding values based on an algorithm from all other organisational size metrics to create a universal single value field)

Schools – ofstedrating
(The overall rating following the most recent OFSTED inspection)


Following on from a number of Market Research projects we got involved with earlier in the year, one in particular is nearing full publication – it includes thoughts from over 1000 Councillors across the UK in regard to the impacts of the current pandemic. Our friends at the MJ have published some elements here. The full report will be available for public consumption in due course.

That about does it for now. Keep warm and well.

James and all at Oscar

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