#29 February 2021 News

Dear all

I hope this finds you safe and well!

…and who said winter was the worst part of the year!? – at the time of writing there is (in no particular order), a lockdown, snow, flooding and an argument with our “friends and neighbours” across the channel to contend with; set against the backdrop of (for many of us) bedroom walls, home schooling and the other joys that currently accompany the prevailing situation.

Is this yet another doom and gloom message, sent to drive you to another glass of wine!? – not at all! – Herein is 5 minutes of respite and positivity. Focused around UK Public Services, our data and everything in the middle.


Let’s start with some major changes coming in April.

Council Mergers/Changes – always big news and continues the trend from the past 25 years or so of replacing County/District Council splits across England with a single (or in this case 2) Unitary Authority. This year it’s Northamptonshire’s turn with the 8 current councils for the county being replaced by two new organisations. Details can be seen here

CCG’s – there will shortly be 29 less of them. 38 are becoming 9 as part of the ongoing restructuring of the NHS in England with a long term view of there being 44 ‘regional’ areas for Commissioning/Coordination of Healthcare delivery. We will shortly be publishing a list of these and if anybody would like to see this when it’s ready, just let us know.

As an aside/little bit of interesting reading on the Health side, it looks like the Government is keen to exercise a little more direct control over the NHS than it may be doing currently – read here – this may, of course, precipitate further changes down the road.

As you might expect, we’ll be making the updates in as near real time as possible and, as ever, for subscribers another great reason to make the most of your live database access.

Work continues along the usual update cycles across the Education, Healthcare and Government datasets and the following table shows the level of changes since the previous Newsletter in December:


New MAT Cats (has a ring to it)

As part of our continuing work focused on expanding the depth of coverage around Multi-Academy Trusts, we have added a number of new functional categories to that database and work has already started with populating the corresponding post holders. The new functional categories are as follows:

Clerk/Secretary – Most senior Administrative contact. Specific and in some cases statutory post
Central Administrative Services – Central management of administrative support services provided for other departments.
Corporate/Strategic/Policy Planning – Involves advising/planning in connection with strategic issues and developing systematic processes to enable, general organisational development, expenditure programmes and services to be evaluated and optimised
Operational Services – Strategic role concerned with service delivery from a logistical perspective. Often involves co-ordinating partnerships with other organisations.
Quality Assurance – Monitoring the services provided by the organisation/department against predefined standards.
Educational Strategy – Responsible for monitoring the quality of Education provided by the organisation and developing new and better ways to provide services
Welfare – Provide advice and support to schools, children their families where there are social or emotional problems affecting school attendance or education in general
Public Relations/Marketing – Promoting the image and services provided by the organisation
Central Financial Services – Overall responsibility for financial services in the organisation
Central Computing – In charge of in-house IT for the whole organisation and management of contracts with outsourced/contracted IT. Responsible for corporate policies and related purchasing.
Facilities/Property Management – Overall and day-to-day management of all kinds of property owned by the organisation. Depending on the organisation type can include offices, depots, hospitals, classrooms, public buildings, smallholdings and farms.
Health and Safety (Internal) – Internal implementation of legislative requirements concerned with the safety of employees and members of the public within publicly run/owned buildings
Central Legal Services – All kinds of in-house and outsourced legal work.
Central Personnel Services – Human resource and personnel management for the organisation as a whole. Day-to-day management may be delegated to departments in larger organisations
Central Purchasing of Supplies – Management of some or all of an organisations purchasing processes; including lists of approved suppliers; bulk purchases; organisation wide standards and annual contracts.

Related to the ‘Interesting’ section below, we have also added ‘Gender’ categories to the MP’s and Devolved Members database. Anyone with subscriptions to these will now see the new values in their downloads.


Following a request by the ONS for the publication of a gender analysis of Locally and Nationally elected representatives as part of their global data platform promoting equality, we have put together this live report – please feel free to use and share the information contained, we just ask for a credit/link back to the report where published.

Finally, we have a new researcher who’s joined us this month and is working with the existing team focusing on the Education and Care datasets, so would like to say a very big hello to Jenni – great to be working with you.

That’s about it for Feb – here’s to spring and a general thawing in all senses and see you in April.

James and all at Oscar

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