#30 April 2021 News

Springtime salutations from all of us here at Oscar.

I hope this finds you safe, warm and well. There isn’t much unique or new to say about the current ‘state of the union’ except that it would be remiss not to mention the falling case numbers and encouraging restriction relaxations – more of both please! – though our ‘union’ may or may not be strengthened in the forthcoming elections taking part north and west of the borders. We shall be watching with interest from this end.

Time and data rolls on so there is much to tell you about those elections, organisational re-organisations (tautology anyone!?) and other things being cooked up by the ‘dev’ department at Oscar Towers. Due to being a touch over excited about something – currently in the oven/on the bench/bubbling in a tube of unidentifiable colourful liquid – I have to mention here that we have something very exciting coming in 2021…more in future editions on that!

Meantime – and in the usual format – here goes for the April instalment:


Let’s start with some of the major changes, referenced in the last edition:

Local Government:

The Northants changes have been actioned this end, as well as the changes to organisational, political and management elements, this has also – of course – impacted the organisational structures. This affected 391 linked Schools, Parish Councils and a handful of Care homes – all of which have also been updated accordingly with their corresponding shiny new parent org.

Summary of Changes can be seen here


Same story here for CCG’s – the 38 old organisations have now been removed from the database and 9 new orgs with post holder data moved accordingly – we will be keeping an eye on the new organisations with multiple reviews and updates scheduled over the coming months. The updates included changing the linkage for the 1381 GP Surgeries to the new entities.

Summary of Changes can be seen here

So as a summary for these sets of updates, if you have any of the following data on license with us, it’s well worth an update via your live subscriptions:

Local Gov
Parish Councils
Care Homes

While we are on the subject of organisational changes, the Secretary of State has announced a consultation on unitary local government in three areas: Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Somerset. As a result, local elections have been postponed that were due in these areas in May by one year. Affecting the three County Councils, and also elections in Carlisle, Craven and South Lakeland councils.

Outside of these ‘heavy duty’ changes, general updating continues across the board of course and extra focus is currently being put on the updating and expansion of coverage across the Multi-Academy Trusts and the same with the organisational and relational coverage across Housing Associations – more to follow here as we start to map the areas of housing stock coverage to local authority areas.

Levels of organisational and postholder updates/changes across the board since 1st of February 2021 are shown in the table below:


Following on from announcing the inclusion of ‘Annual Spend’ figures, we have now added Population Served figures for around 90% of Parish Councils. Those with current subscriptions to this dataset will see the new values in their next downloads.

After launching our new e-Lobby service last month, we now have a presentation available to tease those that work within Charitable or Membership organisations. Please have a gander here


We were gratified (and humbled) to receive an official thank you for our role in Keylinks free counselling service – offered to all Public Sector frontline and key workers. You can see more about this here

I should also mention here that we have been proudly involved with the promotion of the NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers Day, organised by Royal Pageantmaster Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR. This event on July 5th 2021 will celebrate and pay tribute to all those on the frontline, both supporting and caring for our nation. Special shout out here to our Adam and Alan for giving up their time to help spread the word. If you’d like to get involved, please see here

Finally (and this will transition to ‘Updates’ in the June newsletter) we need to mention the forthcoming Elections on May 6th – an overview can be seen below and related to which we shall be making updates from the 7th with a view to having all completed by the end of May – so, as ever, please take regular updates!

Local Elections – following the delays from last May, this set will see 2 years worth of councillor elections taking place – affecting 145 Councils in England and around 5500 seats. Also taking place are 15 Local Authority and 9 Combined Authority Mayoral elections.

PCC Elections – The 41 Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales

Senedd Elections – 60 Regional and Constituency Seats

Scottish Government Elections – 129 Regional and Constituency Seats

So that’s it for another 2 months. Here’s to a slow and steady return to normality for all and meantime, keep safe and well!

James and all at Oscar

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