#32 August 2021 News

Dear friends, colleagues and other people

As another summer is drawing to a close, we are ushering in Autumn with an apology. This edition of our newsletter is – at the time of typing – 8 days late. The reason for the tardiness? – well…..

Excuse number 1 – we have been very busy working on our new platform and, of course, (said shamelessly) delivering lots of wonderful data driven solutions to clients.

(More accurately) Excuse number 2 – I spent 6 weeks of the summer in sunny Cyprus, hiding from the deluge (other verbs are available) of domestic visitations to the English Riviera. The evasion not being the primary purpose (more a handy by-product), but the trip is mentioned mainly to elicit some sympathy on account of the perpetual 30+ degrees (day and night) as well as – and this really is particularly bad – the need to be working for 5 weeks of that time whilst staring through the window at the sun, pool and mediterranean beyond (in that order).

Arriving at a house that had been empty for 2 years and was, literally, empty. My Greek is on the wrong side of terrible, so with some kindness (and generally excellent English) from the locals – plus the typical but unnecessary pointing and loud enunciation – the place was fitted out with tables, chairs, fridge and other fripperies in a matter of days. All that was left thereafter was to – literally – hide under the aircon unit, balancing the workload on a laptop and generally wondering what time it was acceptable to jump into the aforementioned pool and subsequently occupy a space next to it whilst helping to support some of the (excellent) local vineyards. This particular lifestyle – as it turns out – was not especially suited to the couple of hours of focused thought necessary to produce a meaningful missive!

Excuses dispatched, let’s move on to things you may actually care about:


Following on from the May elections, all Councillor data has – of course – been updated, as well as leadership positions. We are also making good progress through the cabinet and committee structures and reorganisations post AGM’s and expect these to be completed this month.

To better reflect our recent work across the Schools database – as mentioned in the previous edition, we have been particularly focused on expanding out the MAT coverage, both in terms of postholder coverage and also ensuring the linkages between schools and parent bodies are as they should be – we have updated our Schools datasheet with a new overview/description

Much work of late has been done across the NHS database, particularly of note here is the continued transitions of STP’s to ICS’s – as regular users will know, these now exist as org types on the database and the coverage across these is continuing to increase. Updates also continue across the consolidated CCG’s as the boundaries/areas continue to move closer to the 44 footprint areas.

We have been busy on the PRP/Housing Association side, we are now ingesting a number of new data feeds from Government published sources to help benchmark both the coverage and relationships between these complex organisations and (more on this next time) we’re working towards a comprehensive organisational and structural re-categorisation of this file.

More general updates have been made across all our Healthcare, Education and Government datasets as reflected in the following table showing changes across the database in the past 60 days:


As some of you may have discovered, we have a new switchboard phone number: 0330 128 9892

The old 0845 number will continue to function for the next 12 months, but worth noting the new one.

After 12 years of the old one, we have a new logo (after much angst, we’re very pleased with the new look). You can now see this in the header of the blog and on the website. This will also feature on our forthcoming platform.


Digital Focus – one of the things we do (and have successfully managed to keep quiet) are a range of digital marcom services – I should add that these newsletters are not a platform to try and sell you anything, but I wanted to share some recent campaign and digital content results to both try and counter our poor attempt at telling people about these services and also because we’re pleased and proud of the results!

We send our regular emails for a University client. As with all email comms, the key elements are relevance and content – so, kudos to them for the following stats:

Delivered: 7135 (98.55%)
Displayed: 6360 (88.9%)
Clicks: 6279 (98.7%)

The following show the results for another client from our PSN platform who we helped to create a number of articles and featured in our monthly Public Sector facing newsletter

Articles Created: 6
Web Article Views: 4105
Newsletter Clicks: 2544

On that positive note, that almost wraps it up for this time. As a final thought for those pondering a protracted mediterranean sojourn, I would say 3 things:

1 – Do it
2 – Don’t go in August
3 – Write any newsletters you may be responsible for before you leave!

James and team at Oscar
0330 128 9892

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