#34 March 2022 News

Springtime Salutations to readers new and old.

I hope this finds everyone warm, well and enjoying a touch of sunshine.

Three months since our last periodical instalment and, as seems to be the way of things in the new twenties, global and national events continue at pace ; ‘Freedom day’ sort of marking the end of ‘C-19’ has come and gone, supplanted by perhaps even graver goings-on – being at somewhat of a loss as to a perspective, angle or any other meaningful thought I shall happily defer to those better positioned, informed and generally more erudite to pass comment on the recent events across our wonderful continent.

Our hope in this and many other regards would be that those holding the sway of power across global Government and Business land don’t overly succumb to the doctrine of realpolitik and a more fundamental morality – to which we all subscribe – will win the day.

International matters aside, back to more local, pedestrian and Oscar related matters; we’ve had a busy start to the year, including something spawned from a conversation with another data company (you know who you are) during which it was suggested that we don’t talk enough about that which goes on ‘under the bonnet’ of Oscar. Quite so we thought. The consequence – spread across two months of pondering, scribbling and rewrites – can be seen in our ‘Interesting’ section below. It’s worth a read, promise!

To business and our usual elements for your general perusal and edification:


Local Government:

In anticipation of the upcoming May elections, which will include Councillor elections for 4 new Councils due to come into force in 2023 following further Local Government structural changes (yep more change), we will be adding the following organisations as ‘Shadow Councils’ so we have a home to record the newly elected representatives:

New – Cumberland Unitary
Replacing: Allerdale, Carlisle and Copeland, Cumbria County Council

New – Westmorland and Furness Unitary
Replacing: Barrow-in-Furness, Eden and South Lakeland, Cumbria County Council

New – North Yorkshire Council Unitary
Replacing: Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough, Selby, North Yorkshire County Council

New – Somerset Unitary
Replacing: Mendip, Sedgemoor, Somerset West and Taunton and South Somerset, Somerset County Council

We’ll be summarising the changes in the form of one of our usual ‘intel docs’ shortly and will share in the next edition.


Moving from Local Gov to the NHS; to allow sufficient time for the parliamentary stages of the Health and Care Bill the oft referred to CCG to Integrated Care System (ICS) changes have been delayed until July this year. We are keeping track this end and will be making the necessary updates as things change. Speaking of, we have just added two new functional categories to the database to allow for recording the new statutory members of the ICB’s (managing Boards for the ICSs)

Under our ‘Board/Committee’ functional area:

ICB – Chair
ICB – Chief Executive

Parish Councils:

Following a number of Parish Boundary changes across, among other areas, Stroud and West Northamptonshire there have been a number of Parish Code changes and updates made.

The usual general updating has been going on across the database of course. A summary of the level of work and change over the past 90 days can be seen in the table below:


A few exciting things to report this time.

New API:
After a number of requests from the lovely users of our current webservice, we have ‘upgraded’ the current APIs to allow for calls to include a date and then serve up just the changes since that date.

Providing a much more efficient means of maintaining a copy of your database selections in your own system. You can find out more here (page 3)

The extra good news is that if you’re a current subscriber you already have the upgraded API service available.

New C/TPS Screening Service:

Having prevaricated for years about how and whether to telephone preference service (TPS) screen the live Oscar database, we have finally settled on a solution that allows us to serve up live data with C/TPS flags to subscribers. If this is something that would be of use, you can see a little more here and we’d recommend talking to your account manager.

Other things:

Not sure if these are ‘Updates’ or ‘New’, but hey, they’re included:

We have updated our Customer Guide . Well worth a browse for old and new customers alike to ensure you’re getting the most out of your services, or perhaps just to see what you’re missing.

To reflect the new API and C/TPS field options as well as the ever expanding list of discretionary fields available to data subscribers, we have refreshed our field list. Take a look here


As mentioned in the preamble above, we have been hard at work trying to produce something that will give the best possible insights into our database; investment, work, processes and methodologies. In modern parlance what may be called a DEEP DIVE.

Please please have a delve here

Think that just about does it for this time. Unless you’ve simply had enough of the newsletter waffle and opt-out, we’ll be back in touch in June.

Meantime, as the idiom goes; be good and if you can’t be good, be careful!

James and team at Oscar
0330 128 9892

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