#35 June 2022 News

Dear readers

At the time of typing scaffolding is currently being erected around the building. Officially for the purpose of repair and decoration. I’m not necessarily one for conspiracy theories, but unofficially my conjecture would be a more clandestine potentially even machiavellian agenda; that being, to clear the aforementioned building in short order. Now – in a previous life – as a person who was involved in the ‘trades’ I’m familiar with the collegiate and oft rambunctious bonhomie that accompanies groups of outdoor workers – particularly those that arrive in vans armed with various tools designed to deafen those in a 3 mile radius. However, perhaps on account of the sea air, the time of year or just the general convivial and exuberant collective involved in this particular endeavor; the level of banging, shouting, back slapping and general rumpus is not particularly conducive with any kind of indoor working. My theory – once departed, the building will be full of sunglass wearing agents set to take over the world (or at least Torbay). Paranoid? Moi!? – not at all.

Before I head off for a quieter locale – somewhere along the Heathrow flight path perhaps – and as importantly whilst I still have access to a PC; on to the more conventional content in the following form:


I’m pleased to report that all Councillors have been updated since the May elections – this work was completed in the last week of May. Complete with correspondence, political affiliation, term and first elected dates. The re-categorisation of the leadership data is well underway and following the AGM’s across Councils we will be updating all the Cabinet and Committee responsibilities.

It’s also worth noting that there were boundary changes to wards and divisions across 26 Council areas, mainly in Wales and London. Anyone needing more details of these, just shout. We are waiting the official coding for the new wards and will be linking these in for our lobbying and geo data feeds as soon as they are available.

An April NHS Trust change to mention:

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Have combined and are now

Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Whilst we’re on the subject of Health data, we have recently done some global updates and the GP and Care Home Annual Spend fields. Amounting to over 2000 changes.

As a further point on Healthcare data we are preparing for the transition from CCG’s to Integrated Care Boards (ICB’s) which will officially take place on the 1st of July this year. More information to follow on these changes in the next edition, but rest assured we’re on the case.

General updating work across orgs and postholders continues as usual of course, the following table shows the number of changes made in the past 90 days:


As mentioned in the last newsletter, the table above is available (and live) in our new Oscar database ‘deep dive’ page – for those that missed it last time, this can be seen here

In the dark recesses of Oscar Towers we have been quietly developing a new set of data collection system (AI light you might say) to collect interesting and related data points from across Public Bodies. One of the first deliverables from this being the collection of Cloud Providers into different Government entities. For those with an interest in such things, please get in touch.

One of the other data points we’ve been looking at collecting through this method are Social Media Links for Government organisations – the volume of which has now grown to over 30,000.

We have a new field available for GP Surgeries – ‘Patient List Size’ this provides the latest number of patients for each Practice as published by the NHS. This can be added to live subscriptions as needed, so at the risk of being repetitive, if you’d like to discuss just let us know.

On the general housekeeping front, we have been working on a number of new daily automated checks and balances that run to help keep the data as tidy and sparkly possible – now amounting to over 120 daily processes – these include:

Additional Domain Level checking
Email formatting checking
Removal of unwanted spaces and characters


We have recently become a feed to the ONS for their SDG monitoring.

From the ONS site:

“The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to:

end poverty
protect the planet
improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere”

Specifically we’re providing a feed of gender analysis for Councillors over time. Joining the House of Commons and Lords Libraries and the LGA as a source of official data that contributes to these laudable global goals is definitely something we are very proud of.

You can see the analysis here

Think that’s about it for now. Assuming those pesky Agents have departed we’ll be back in September for a post summer round up. Meantime, hope the sun is shining and continues to do so wherever you are!

James and team at Oscar

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