#27 – October 2020 News

Autumnal Greetings from the South Coast.

I hope this finds everyone safe and well and all are managing with the varying degrees of freedom to at least a satisfactory level.

For the purposes of balance we can report that following the last newsletter written under the glare of the mid-summer sun; the English Riviera is now cold, wet and generally conditions are conforming to the typical seasonal zeitgeist. The staycationers, day trippers and all other visiting folks have returned from whence they came, leaving nothing behind but for the incongruous collections of large cruise ships that are currently moored along the coastline. A reminder, if it were needed, that things have some way to go before normalcy is resumed.

With all that said, on to all things Oscar:


The NHS (one of our favourite topics for the update section it would seem) continues to evolve. The start of this month saw a significant merger between Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and we note a number of forthcoming CCG mergers that will be reflected in the database as they happen. Beyond which, the ever changing primary care landscape is worthy of note with the ongoing merger of GP Practices and rationalisation of Surgeries. As ever, those with access to this data should be taking regular updates to ensure accuracy.

Local Government updates continue as normal, with a few noteworthy changes, including those of Leadership, both on the Executive and Elected side. Most recently (at the time of writing) Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council have elected a new leader. There are also going to be some big changes to Local Government in Northamptonshire next April, with the current County Council and 7 District being replaced by two new Unitary Councils – continuing the established theme across England of replacing two tiers with a single tier of Local Government.

The result of the database, including all other areas of Healthcare, Education and Housing are being worked on. Notably on Housing there is some news to report in due course on the linking of Housing Stock owned/managed by RSL’s/PRP’s to Council areas.

As a new feature to be included in every newsletter, we’re going to show the level of changes and updates across all areas of the database since the previous newsletter – partly to show off and partly to encourage regular updates across our subscriber base.

To that end, the analysis of changes since 1st of August 2020 is as follows:


To quote Mr Disraeli (and no, not the one about Lies and Statistics – however true that may be), there can be no happiness without action, or in our world; Development. There are a number of new things in the pipeline which I’m looking forward to sharing across the next few newsletters. For this installment, and as mentioned in the August edition, we have put together some guides and generally attempted to centralise information about how (best) to access, consume and update Oscar data (assuming you work for one of those well informed companies out there that have a current subscription of course – if not, what are you waiting for!?).

So, for Data/Workflow options and also to see our guides to ‘automagically’ feeding Oscar data into either Google Sheets or Excel, please have a look here

In addition, we also now have a number of additional optional fields that can be added to customers subscriptions. For a full list, please see here – it’s worth noting these have not been added to the standard downloadable fields, so as not to ‘upset’ all the current automatic importing processes clients have in place.

Stand-out additions (for us anyway) are:

Local Government – Housing Stock
(Shows the number of Units/Houses Owned or Managed by the Organisation)

(Banded values showing the official legal status of each organisation. Values include: Public Bodies, Companies and Charities)

(Modelled employee banding values based on an algorithm from all other organisational size metrics to create a universal single value field)

Schools – ofstedrating
(The overall rating following the most recent OFSTED inspection)


Following on from a number of Market Research projects we got involved with earlier in the year, one in particular is nearing full publication – it includes thoughts from over 1000 Councillors across the UK in regard to the impacts of the current pandemic. Our friends at the MJ have published some elements here. The full report will be available for public consumption in due course.

That about does it for now. Keep warm and well.

James and all at Oscar

#26 – August 2020 News

Greetings to one and all.

I hope this finds you safe, well and cool!

At the time of writing, the mercury has reached a dizzying (by UK standards) 32 degrees down here on the English Riviera, resulting in two small issues. 1: The annual dilemma of whether to purchase an air con unit for the circa 48 hours a year of heat and 2: Where does one park when you live in a town that is currently being visited by the rest of the country during that relatively narrow window otherwise known as the summer holidays. Exacerbated at present of course due to that new entry in the contemporary lexicon; “staycations”

I digress, though if any of you have not yet visited torbay, you may like to see the balance of your fellow country people here courtesy of our webcam

In seriousness, it’s good to see the world moving again and anecdotally at least based on some of the conversations we’re having, the commercial wheels seem to have started turning again. We can but hope it is to set to continue and ultimately to be to the benefit of all.

On to Oscar and Public Sector related matters:


We have recently implemented a number of new checks and balances via some new streams of regulatory data we are pulling into the Oscar system. These will further improve the data integrity, structure and coverage of high organisation volume datasets – in particular Schools, GP Surgeries and Care Homes. Those savvy people with current subscriptions to any (or all) of these should look to take regular updates as often as practical.

Related to which, we will be including in the next edition of this missive some new information about a number of data, update and workflow automation options we can help all data customers with. If this is of interest meantime, do get in touch – we’re never opposed to a good chat about data feeds, API’s or anything else that improves quality, experience and saves time!

The NHS updating continues and we now have a new organisation type covering Sustainable Transformation Partnerships/Integrated Care Systems (‘ICS/STP’)’ and the coverage of key post holders across these is increasing as we go. In addition, the coverage of Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Directors (invariably GP’s) has increased considerably over the past few months and now stands at over 800. Related to GP Surgeries, we have also now taken the decision to start recording the branch and other surgery sites against each GP Practice. This will enable users to both identify all Surgeries run by each Practice and better reflects the continued merging of Practices into ‘Groups’.

Our Central and Local Government Research Teams have had a busy summer, continuing with the general updates across Departments, Agencies and Councils and attempting to keep up with the inevitable increase in changes that have occurred since the Spring.

As ever, for any specific queries, support or anything we can do to help support you, just shout.


Our lovely friends at eShot (the email platform and marketing automation service we use and partner with) have very kindly put together a specific offer for Oscar data customers. So, if you’re looking for a new email platform, want to supercharge and automate your electronic marketing, or are just generally curious, please have a look here

The offer remains open until September 30th this year.


Our SYT platform continues to develop, if you haven’t already have a quick play. Just enter your postcode here and see what we can tell you about your location.

If you haven’t done so already, we cannot but recommend activating your PSN Supplier Subscription – the subscription is free and can be found at the top of your Oscar Customer Area (the page you see after logging in). The benefits include a profile of your organisation within our Supplier Directory and a feed of Public Tenders linked to your specific area of activity, these are also conveniently summarised for you in a weekly round-up email. An overview of the subscription can be seen here.

That about does it for August and we’ll be back again in the Autumn with some news about data automation, a chunk of new additions to SYT and some new research services that are all currently in the works.

Until then, stay safe and well.

James and all at Oscar

#25 – June 2020 News

A sunny hello from the team at Oscar.

We hope this finds everyone safe and well and we send our best to you and yours.

I’m sure all have welcomed the recent tentative steps towards a return to that conceptually elusive “normal”; primarily at least because it reflects an improvement on the effects of C-19 across the board.

Many of you – us included – will still be holed up in your home bunkers, awaiting – or not as may be the case – the return to the joyous commutes, school runs, meetings and general toing and froing that accompanies the conventional paradigm alluded to above. For our part, we have been busily getting on with our research activities and completing the gestation of a lovely shiny new thing – more on that later.

So, preamble over, here’s the usual array of things that we hope are interesting, useful or just something to pass the time in between the next coffee and the children knocking on the office door (though that might just be me!?)


Much to say about the NHS (in England at least). The CCG and NHS Trust changes mentioned in the last newsletter have all been completed, so well worth subscribers taking updates for these. As promised, we have summarised the organisational changes for you and the details can be seen below:

CCG Changes

NHS Trust Changes

We are currently working on the expansion of coverage and depth across STP’s and ICS’s, as well as completing the research across Primary Care Networks (PCN’s). More specific details on the database changes in the next edition, but see the ‘Interesting’ section below for our new NHS report.

Our focus on Education research continues, with a lot of work done around Multi Academy Trusts and the linked Schools. We have also been working on streamlining the organisation types across Further and Higher Education. As with the health data (and in the related words of a former prime minister) Update, Update, Update.

Research continues as normal across Government, Housing and Social Care. The postponing of local elections has given our research team more time to focus on all sides of Government and all Councils are being updated as per ‘non election’ organisations this year.


Surf Your Turf (SYT)

We have made our SYT platform live in the past few days. I could try and describe the wonder of geographical, demographic, organisational and structural data that it is, but instead, please just have a play here.

If you’d like to receive the ‘onepager’, or book a demonstration of the premium features, please just get in touch.


We have taken a look at the current landscape across the NHS in England, specifically the changes across CCG’s connected with the continued implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan and the creation of Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s) broadly taking the place of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP’s) across the original 44 NHS footprint areas. We have also linked the latest individual CCG’s to the current Footprints and ICS/STP’s

The full report with 4 appendixes can be seen here


To continue the – well received – theme from the last newsletter, we wanted to share some more positive stories with you from this end:

We have begun working on a number of ‘pro bono’ projects with partner research organisations to gather, understand and share the effects of C-19 across the various areas of Government, Education and Healthcare. These are currently on-going, but we will be sharing the results with the subject organisations, the media and you in due course, with the ultimate aim of helping policy makers provide the support required across our Public Services.

Working with VIQU, a Birmingham-based IT recruiter, we have been able to help save NHS Trusts approximately £1m pounds. VIQU used the services of Oscar to investigate and deliver names and contact details for CEOs and CIOs or IT directors for every trust across the UK, Collingwood told Recruiter. “Between the team and I,” Collingwood (VIQU MD) said, “we reached out to over 2,000 people over a week-and-a-half to offer our pledge”, to deliver volunteers with no accompanying fee, he said. So far over 200 posts have been filled. You can see the full article here

Finally, our PSN website and monthly newsletter remains open at no cost to publish and promote any news and support services or projects that would help those working across all areas of UK Public Services.

That just about does it for this time and if there are any ruminations on that slippery “normal” concept, do share.

Until August, Stay Aware, Safe and Well.

James and all at Oscar.

0845 226 3044

#24 April 2020 News

Greetings to one and all.

Normally I would attempt to start one of our bi-monthly missives with something frivolous or lighthearted. Indeed, the (often poor) attempt at self deprecation and ironic humour is the default position for most of our outbound comms. However, in light of current goings-on, it’s both appropriate and genuine to mark the challenges and difficulties currently being faced by our social and commercial communities. To which end, from all of us here at Oscar (currently spread across the country in various home offices, bedrooms and landings) to all of you; we hope you are keeping safe and well and are managing the best you can.

We remain fully open and functional and are keeping all staff on as well as trying to do our bit to help where possible (more on that later). So we’re here to discuss any challenges you are facing, any external communication or planning thereof you are working on around or into the Government, Healthcare or Education Sectors (most of which are still fully or partially open of course); or just to have a chat and ruminate on when things will return to some semblance of recognisable normality…after all, every storm eventually runs out of rain!. We are here.

With some degree of self-interest (but equally with no less truth), there have been a number of articles and blogs recently recommending that now is not the time to cease outbound marketing and communications. The Sunday Times business section at the weekend had an article, extract as follows:

“Viral Survival Guide: Spend, Spend, Spend. One source in the article argued that when companies ‘go dark’, it can take years for them to recover sales to pre-crisis levels. The source cites the dotcom crash and how this negatively impacted on a lot of companies. They contrast this with the crash of 2008, where companies such as Heinz, Hovis, Virgin Atlantic “doubled down on their advertising and reaped their rewards” – Keep visible in dark times”


Despite current circumstances there have been a number of noteworthy changes – many taking place at the start of April.

Multiple Trust and CCG mergers across England – we will shortly be publishing a table of these to show previous and new entities and have, of course, been updating the Oscar database as changes occur. So all NHS subscribers out there should take updates whenever possible (well, you should be anyway, but here’s an extra reason to do so).

There is a new Council (not something that happens every day!). Buckinghamshire has gone Unitary, so the 4 districts and one county have gone. We have made the changes in the live system, including the 350 affected/linked Schools and Parish Councils. See above for updates et al.

Local elections have been cancelled for May 2020 (can you hear the Local Govt research dept cheering?…..I can!). Ditto by-elections until next year. So, we will be adjusting our research processes around Councillors accordingly and treat all Councils as ‘non election’ this year, focusing on updates and general maintenance.

There is always much else to say about the updates across the piste, but the above seems like the headlines and if you have any questions about areas of Government particularly of interest to you, just shout.


We are providing a number of free resources to those working across Public Services on our Public Sector facing platform – PSN. The statement from the home page (which covers it really) is as follows:

Covid 19 Update

During this challenging time we are offering the use of every aspect and resource of our Public Sector Network (PSN) platform to Government bodies and users at no cost.
If you would like to share any helpful content, articles, online events or for us to include anything in our next e-newsletters (which are distributed to all Public Sector post holders on PSN), please just get in touch. In addition, our PSN directory remains fully functional and free of charge for all Public Sector workers who wish to use the resource for networking, support and co-operative working.

If you have any useful links, articles or services that are free, useful, supportive or in any other way enhancing, please let us know and we’ll list the details.

On more data related matters; we have now added the Social Housing stock data for Local Authorities as well as details of the total number of households per council area. If you’d like this information added to your current subscription, just let us know.


We are looking to make the Oscar LinkedIn Page – the default place for all updates, news and content (as well as these lovely newsletters every 2 months of course) – also means we can update you more regularly. So please, give us a follow to help stay up to date with all the goings on this end.

I’ll end with a couple of stories from this end – and by way of a pat on the back for those involved here at Oscar and to generally share a little positivity:

A young lady of 83 (84 next month she told me) called today by mistake trying to register as vulnerable. She wanted to get deliveries from Sainsburys so I took her details and called them on her behalf, called her again after work to check in and we ended up chatting for 40 minutes.

We provided some free intel and data for an IT company that had decided to offer staff to the NHS at no cost. Their feedback: “Its been a manic day. We’ve had Trusts ask for around 20 volunteers, which is great and have other calls scheduled. We’ve pledged to introduce 100”

Our editorial team ran a feature in our PSN newsletter about the UK Community Network which connects volunteers with those requiring support – this generated over 500 engagements from the correspondence. There really are some kind folks out there!

That’s all for now. So, keep following the guidelines and here’s to better days to come!

James and all at Oscar.

0845 226 3044

#23 – February 2020 News

A windy and wet hello to all current and future customers. The sun can’t be far away now…. surely!?

January and now nearly all of February seem to have elapsed, so it’s time for the latest set of news and (hopefully) useful content from Oscar Towers.

So, without further ado, here goes:



Customer Guide – As a result of some recent upgrades to our PSN Supplier subscriptions, we have updated our Customer Area Guide

GDPR – We felt it was time to update our GDPR Q&A document. The new and shiny version can be seen here

Government – Following our departure from the EU in January, the MEP’s and Department for Exiting the EU have been removed from the live database. The MP database has, of course, been fully updated post the general elections at the end of last year.

Our Councillor database has been fully refreshed following the post election updates back in May to July 2019 and the now completed annual review of non election councils. All ready for the next round of updates in May 2020!

Healthcare – ‘Social Prescribing’ is likely to become a pretty universal model of care managed at a PCN level (groups of GP Surgeries). We will in due course be able to look at adding the Link workers (where they are recruited internally within the PCN/Surgeries – rather than where they decide to use external agencies). Meantime though and as this gets ‘bedded in’, we are collecting the PCN Clinical Leads which we’re currently collecting (500 currently on the system as of today and number increasing weekly). These can be found under the ‘Boards/Committee’ functional area, the category being: ‘PCN Clinical Director’.

We have also added a number of new functional categories to our Care Homes database to cover a new set of Senior and Board Level post holders within Care Home Groups. These include Operational, Facilities, Human Resources, Public Relations and Quality Assurance. If you’d like to know more, just shout.

Education – We have recently made over 4000 contact and organisational changes across our Further and Higher Educational dataset so far in 2020 – this includes 623 new post holders. For those with subscriptions, please make sure you take the latest updates.

We are also continuing our focus on Academy Convertors and MAT’s across the Schools database. There is also more to come on the Schools side with new data points being added – so stay tuned for details of those in due course.



PSN – Free!?, yes FREE. Our new PSN supplier subscription is free of charge for one and all. This provides subscribers with:

Live Bespoke Tender Alerts and weekly round-up emails
Live Supplier Profile Listing on PSN. See how that looks here
Unlimited Event Listings on PSN –See how that looks here

If you have an existing Oscar customer account, just log-in and you can activate your PSN Supplier subscription there. If you don’t yet have an Oscar customer account, then firstly why not?? – and secondly, you can get one and in so doing activate your free subscription here

One Pager – We are often asked what we do – and after much head scratching we have come up with a (relatively) concise overview of all things Oscar – See here


Mapping – We have a new geo and data mapping presentation available for your enjoyment. Please have a click to find out more



Following the November General Election, we have created some comparison maps showing the differences at a constituency level pre and post the results. The new Political Map can be seen here

In closing:

Plenty more that could be said, but I’ll save that for the Spring newsletter, hopefully when temperatures are higher than the wind speed and we can all leave the brollies at home!

Meantime, keep safe, warm and well!
James and Team at Oscar.

#22 – December News

Festive greetings to all current and future customers.

Today I shall be identifying as a writer; or at least a narrator of the latest Oscar goings on.

We have arrived at the embers of the year and indeed the ‘teens’/’tens’!? – or whatever you may wish to call the last block of 10 years. It doesn’t seem like the millennium was long ago to me, but that’s the slippery substance of time for you. At least, I suppose, we’ll know what to call the next decade.

For those with any more than a passing interest in Oscar, I thought it sensible to start with our Christmas availability:

Oscar Offices will be closed from 3pm on Friday 20th of December and re-open 9am on January 2nd. All online and live data services will remain available of course (for those with masochistic tendencies who don’t like to stop working)

Database/Service Updates
Beyond the usual updates and changes across Government and Education, there’s a definite Healthcare bias to things of note this time (and in particular around Primary Care in England):

Firstly we have a new category to report – “PCN Clinical Director” (located under Board/Committee for those with NHS subscriptions) – these are the lead position within a Primary Care Network (PCN). Accountable to member GP Practices, leading delivery of planning and effectiveness of the PCN – we have added over 400 GP post holders in the past few weeks across 43 CCGs. Work will continue over the next month or so and we are anticipating circa 1,200 posts in total will be identified once we have completed the work across all CCG’s.

We have recently finished a full update of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) / Integrated Care System (ICS) Leaders. There are now 14 confirmed Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in place. It’s worth noting that not all the Leaders fall under the NHS; some are within Local Authorities. The number of ICS’s will almost certainly increase over the next 12 months.

We have also completed a review and update of the GP Federations. The number of Federations has now grown to over 100 and with the changes across GP Surgeries is likely to continue increasing both in volume and significance.
All currently confirmed CCG mergers are reflected in the database however there are more changes to come in 2020 and we will be updating accordingly when the time comes.

As a few people may have noticed, we will shortly be having a general election. Irrespective of the outcome (and I’m not too sure I’d be brave enough to wager much on any party at this precise moment) all the post election changes and updates across the MP database will be made within a few days of the results being announced. We’re also planning putting together a map showing the pre and post political landscape across the UK in full technicolour.

Ultimate, amazing, awesome, apogee….there are many (but perhaps insufficient) superlatives to describe our new ‘halo’ subscription. Giving you all things Oscar in a box. Take a look at our all new presentation for the all new Public Service Exchange (PSX) Subscription – https://www.oscar-research.co.uk/datasheets/publicserviceexchange


Tricky to follow that, but potentially no less interesting is our new Live Local Authority Report. Giving you a neat overview of the Local Authority organisational market. Have a gander here – https://www.oscar-research.co.uk/data-intelligence/localauthorityanalysis



Share our view!! – our webcam is now broadcasting live from outside the finance office window – https://www.oscar-research.co.uk/contact/webcam.php


Keep warm and well and all the very best to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year!!

James and co

#21 – Autumn Update and New Structure

A warm autumnal hello to all current and future customers.

I hope this finds you well and bedding down in anticipation of the advent of winter and indeed the advent of advent  (one of our neighbours has already put up their xmas lights (sigh!)

As ever, we’ve been busy beavering away at all things Public Sector. In order to try to summarise all the exciting things we have to tell you about, this and future newsletter missives will follow the same structure. 

Updates (to generally keep you informed of changes to the database and our existing services)

New (as the cunning little title may suggest, this will tell you, well, about new things)

Interesting (we will endeavour to find something to tell you about, give away, or provide a trial of sneaky peak that will in some way enrich your work life)

To that end, and at the risk of being repetitious, here we go…..




Following the completion of the Local Government Councillors update post May elections we have added a category to cover Brexit Leads. These post holders are taking the lead across Local Government to plan around changes resulting from the UK leaving the EU (as and when that may happen)


Following the post September changes we are currently focusing on the MAT structures, parent and child relationships and generally trying to reflect the changing educational landscape.


We have significantly increased the coverage of our Hospital Doctors on the Oscar database. These can now be profiled by both specialism and specialist interests. We are now working on expanding our primary care data and looking at details and updating new NHS structures to include STP/ICS info. More to follow next time on that.



Geo based Data Feeds

Combining our own live database of all Public Service organisations and their management and political post holders with Geographic, ONS, Government and Regulatory data to build bespoke data feeds which identify and provide the right organisations and stakeholders based on any geographical locations or boundaries. Intended to feed into clients existing systems and save hours of desk and telephone research time and the management of multiple disparate datasets.

To see more click here



We have recently published a new funding and structure chart. This shows at a high level the organisations, flow of funding and relationships across the UK Government and Public Services.

No cost for this, just for general edification.Please have a look here

Still with me? – I hope that’s enough to occupy everyone until our next Newsletter in December.

Meantime, keep warm and well!

James and team at Oscar.

#20 – Local Government Elections

Hello to one and all.

We’re pleased (nay, relieved!) to say that all the updates are now completed following the May 2nd 2019 Local Elections. Our Local Government team ‘love’ May and especially this year as it saw elections for the largest number of seats (40%) across the 4 year election cycle, so hats off to them for the three week turn around, especially given the large number of newly elected Councillors.

Some stats and data visualisations about the political landscape within Local Government can be seen here courtesy of our live Local Authority Political Analysis (LAPA) Report.

Just over 8600 Seats were up for election and there was a significant level of change with nearly 3800 newly elected Councillors now in post. Politically, there was a significant swing away from the Conservatives, both in terms of Council Control and Numbers of Seats, towards the Lib Dems and Independents. Screen grabs from our political report highlight this quite well:

Council Control

Number of Seats

The above can be dynamically interrogated via the report link.

We will shortly be adding an updated district level map of the UK showing Council Control and intend to keep an archive from previous years for comparison.

Beyond Local Elections, the European Elections have just taken place (results due Sunday 26th of May) and we will be updating the Oscar database accordingly as the results are know.

Two new Political parties have been added to the database: Change UK and the Brexit Party, with the appropriate members given the new affiliations – those with MP/Lord subscriptions will now see these in their feeds.

That’s probably enough Political updates for the moment; save to say, those with Councillor subscriptions should take updates at the earliest opportunity to ensure the latest data is reflected, particularly given the level of change this time.

For more information about the elections, councillors, Oscar or anything else that may be consuming your cerebrum, just give us a shout.

James and all at Oscar.

#19 – Local Gov and Political Changes

A spring like hello to everyone

As part of the warp and weft of our ongoing research there are a few stand out changes we felt worthy of a mention.

Local Government Re-organisation.

In April this year there are some Local Authority organisational changes taking place. 5 new councils are being created to replace 15 current councils across Dorset, Somerset and Suffolk.  In Somerset and Suffolk these are three pairs of Non Met Districts Councils merging to create single larger entities. In Dorset, the County Council and it’s Districts along with 2 current Unitaries merging into 2 new unitary councils to cover all of Dorset. To see a table of the new and old councils, please click here – https://www.oscar-research.co.uk/documents/LocalGovtChanges19.pdf


MP’s and general Brexit machinations

As per significant media coverage; there has been a bit of movement with Members of Parliament. With resignations and notably changes of political affiliation away from mainstream parties to Indy [sic] and other shuffling. We are reflecting these changes in the live Oscar database as we go. We might of course expect a few more twists and turns before and after the end of March! – for those consuming this dataset, regular updates come recommended…

New Data Driven Reports

We are pleased to launch 2 new data reports, details as follows:

Schools Data Report

The Schools report is driven by our own live Schools database. Providing a dynamic control panel with filters by combinations of School type, size, name, funding status, parent body and area. Including live counts and graphical chart visualisations and Ofsted results across various areas and parent organisations.

Care Homes Data Report

The Care Homes report is driven by our own live Care Homes and Groups database. Providing a dynamic control panel with filters by combinations of Home type, size, name, funding status, parent body and area. Including live counts and graphical chart visualisations.

(Those with corresponding database subscriptions can have these reports added to their customer area free of charge.)

That’s probably about it for the moment and will be back to wax lyrical on the latest goings on in Oscar and across our cherished Public Services.

Best regards to everyone

James and all at Oscar.

#18 – Customer Guide and Xmas

Hello lovely customer, users, enquirers, colleagues and anybody else with a passing interest in Oscar.

It’s cold, dark and generally pretty grey, which must mean Christmas is around the corner!

Before we shut up shop for another year, a few bits to update you all on.

New Customer Area and Product Guide.


To follow on from a lot of development and new services and features, we’ve finally gotten round to putting together a guide for our customers and subscribers. –



We’ve gone Secure

Well, we always were secure, but now we have a ‘S’ in our HTTPS address for the website and associated data services. This doesn’t affect much of what we deliver, but for anyone taking data via our API it may be necessary to get a new link via the customer area – helpfully, full details of how to get this is in the guide above – joined up thinking eh!?

2019 and beyond

We’re busily planning the next decade for Oscar this end, which will see us continue to build on the new services and sites we have launched over the past couple of years as well as adding a number of new ones. 2019 should be an exciting year as we start our focus on extending our data, intelligence and fulfillment services. As ever, we welcome all user feedback on what we do and what else we can do for you.

Xmas Shutdown

Our data and subscription services will continue running (of course) over the festive period, but our offices will be closed from the end of Friday December 21st until the start of Wednesday Jan 2nd (2019).

In case we don’t get chance before, I’d like to thank everyone for their support and business over 2018 and we look forward to working with you into 2019 and beyond.

A very Happy Christmas and New Year to one and all!

James, Adam, Becky, Richard, Allen, Geoff, Alan, Natalie, Sheryl, Sue, Alison, Mel, Claire,  Nicola, Ali, John, Shan, Eirian, Keri and everyone else at Oscar.